Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knitting Needle organizer

Today I made a carrier roll for all my knitting needles. Prior to this, they all resided in a large vase, which my cat found irresistible. I felt it was time to cat proof my knitting by using some quirky fabric I've been saving for a special project.  The fabric is images of a devious rabbit doing terrible things to an unsuspecting raccoon.   I was told that it is from a Japanese folktale. As you can see Mr. Raccoon is on fire in one frame, stabbed in another, and drowning in another. Yes it is quirky and perhaps an acquired taste.  I should have taken step by step photos, but I was finished by the time I thought about it. Here are some key pointers to making a knitting needle organizer.  First lay out your fabric.
Cut the center fabric (shown here in red) longer than the roll by 2 to 3 inches and finish their edges prior to assembling. I edged mine with white and red bias tape..

Leave the cover off and lay down the inside fabric (shown here in blue) and the two pocket (shown here in red) for the needles. Pin an one inch edge to start. Lay the first set of needles next to the pinned edge and pin up the other side of the needles, then lay down the next set of needles and pin, ect. ect. ect. until all the needles are in place. The key to the pinning is that you leave the back (blue) fabric flat, and use the other fabric (red) to make raised pockets to hold the needles. This allows the back and cover to lay flat and makes a better finished project.  Once everything is pinned, take out all the needles and sew up the pinned lines to make the pockets. I did add some interfacing to the cover fabric for some stability. Lastly decide how you want to close it. Rolling, zipping, or folding are all options. I added a zipper to keep it closed an my needles away from my prying cat. 

Now I am ready for any knitting project.

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