Friday, April 6, 2012

Waffle Machine Madness

Fridays are Estate sale days for me.  I take the day to venture out to see houses caught in a bygone Era.  Some houses are wonderful snap shots of time, where if something wasn't broke why replace it with a newfangled contraption of the current day. I came across such a house today filled with amazing mid-century Americana.  Within the kitchen of fine Pyrex, a Mirro Cookie press, and large slotted spoons, I spied this lovely waffle maker.  A General Electric Twin Waffle Iron with chrome plating and Texolite handles, dated to from 1930 to World War II. Each lid has a wheat design (incised design) and a temperature gauge. It makes 4.5 by 5 inch waffles perfect for reheating in a toaster. (Thanks to for the detail information)
 I did plug it in, prior to purchasing it, to make sure it warmed up, but would it get hot enough?  After spending a lovely sum of $8, it was time to find out.  I promptly came home and my loving husband went to work on cleaning it and setting it up for a maiden voyage in its new home. We got out the batter and went to town making some Friday Night Waffles topped with blueberries. It worked like a champ! We both ate a double helping of those golden brown waffles and had some to spare.  It was the best find of the day.

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