Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vintage Maternity Styles

Spring and babies go hand in hand. While taking a stroll, little children were everywhere playing in the grass, on the swings, and in the bushes.  With the laughter of little ones lingering, a question arose. How did they do it back then? What did the ladies, that made the Baby Boom possible, wear during the time the stork was so close? Upon searching online, I found some pattens with amazing adaptations to the growing condition.
Basically here is a large shirt, but take a closer look at the expandable skirt.

This skirt has the expandable front but also includes a buttoned front.

Here is a wrap skirt with extra room to grow and a roomy blouse.

Next up is  the wrap dress with built in expansion for your growing family. I noticed within my search, there were numerous dresses with this extra fabric and cinching belt technique. Included with this pattern is a flowing top button jacket.
Then there are these late 50's peddle pushers/pant ensemble, with an ingenious twist.
So if you are a vintage style lady and are thinking about becoming in a "family way", you can still be in style with these and many more lovely classics. Take a click or two away to Etsy or Ebay and find a new dress pattern that will grow with you.  If you have any amazing stories or designs please add a comment below.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

49's jacket outfit

I was planning on going out today and so I fought with my long hair to make a bang wave. I think I need to have my hair bit shorter to make this an easier process. Anyone know any good vintage hair style and cut place in Portland, Oregon?

Today's outfit was a mix matched affair of wools. It is still a little chilly up here in the Northwest coast.  I finally am fitting into some vintage goodwill skirts. The last time I tried them on they were a bit snug, today I slid right in. I guess its all the extra roller derby skating I am doing with the Rose City Rollers.  The shoes, belt, scarf, and skirt were purchased from Goodwill. The Pendelton 49's jacket was a Ebay find, and the shirt came from Hollywood Vintage in Portland Oregon. If you live in the area and are looking for some stunning vintage eye-wear, Hollywood Vintage is the place to go.